Luxury Designer Rugs — An Applause To The Great Craftsmanship

India has been referred to as a golden bird since time immemorial and history is proof that our handmade carpets have been are the reason of envy for many. The intricate and royal designs with rich colors carefully weaved by our artisans to create spectacular rugs have been the pride for our nation and a jewel that adds to our rich heritage and culture. Carpet making has been an integral part of India’s history and we can find highly skilled artisans with one of a kind talent in various parts of our country like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Agra, Kashmir, etc. The royal rugs in India can be traced back to the Mughal era and have design inspirations from Kashan, Hamadan, Kirman. The sophisticated use of designs inspired by flowers, predators, and other natural forms was modified and fine-tuned to royal taste to create the most luxurious and classic artworks in the form of high-quality rugs and carpets. We can even witness the mesmerizing carpets made for the royals preserved and displayed in many museums around the world.

Although machine-made carpets are taking over the carpet industry at a fast pace today as they say some things are just too hard to replace and so is the beauty of the handmade rugs. An ardent art lover can easily understand the true beauty that lies in every strand and weave of a handcrafted rug. A piece that comes together at the end not only shows a beautiful design and a great amalgamation of colors but also tells a tale. A tale of the hard work, concentration, sweat, talent that has been weaved to create some astonishingly rich patterns with carefully chosen motifs and design. A good quality hand-knotted rug is a great investment, which grows in value with time just like gold. What makes them so special is the fact that each piece made is unique. Even two rugs with the same pattern or design will have some slight difference and that is the real beauty that makes these rugs so exclusive.

Handmade Rugs
Handmade Rugs
Handmade Rugs

But what exactly are these Hand-Knotted Rugs?

It would be difficult to understand the appeal of these rugs without having a proper understanding of them. Hand knotted rugs are rugs made with the simple and basic technique of artfully putting knots with the use of different fibers and materials. The creativity and neatness with which one knot is put on top of another help bring out the intricate designs in the most magical way. A rug made with this technique can take months to finish, according to the design and size selected to be created. The luxury quotient attached to these rugs is quite justified given the level of expertise, time, and effort each of these pieces take.

Do handmade carpet styles fit in the modern interior style?

Given the fact that most handcrafted carpets are linked with lavish traditional designs and motifs might make one feel that this luxury item is only meant for the lavish palatial looks but that not true. Handmade carpets and rugs have evolved with time and are available in a wide range of looks and styles today. Now that customers value exclusivity and individuality more than ever, designers have come on board to create bespoke designs that can be incorporated in rugs to suit the needs and size requirements of the clients. The oriental rugs are a winner for many and a perfect pick to add a traditional and cozy feel to the decor. These hand-knotted rugs are a classic and sure to remain like an evergreen trend. The level of artistic detail in its design clearly gives a luxurious feel to them.

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Hand Knotted Rugs

With designing taking a new turn, the move towards a more minimalistic approach is giving way to more modest and monochrome designs in rug making. People today are keen on the use of more neutral and subdued tones and so earthy tones work beautifully well in the rug market today. The desire for simpler designs has carved the way to new styles in the category of Hand Knotted Rugs. The ‘Ettrick’ rug and the ‘Kazan’ Rug find its inspiration from Moroccan patterns and the simple patterns of these rugs can go so well with the modern decor elevating the flooring to another level. The ‘Lamia’ Rug also finds its design inspiration from Moroccan rugs but it’s the rich texture and feels that it has which is truly to die for. Another amazing style in hand-knotted rugs especially for the neutral color lovers is the ‘Abergele’ Rug style. The hand-braided tassels and beautiful texture that these rugs incorporate are totally something to crush on. With The Rug Republic’s amazing collection of handmade rugs even the lovers of color need not feel disappointed, The ‘Arno’ Rug offered by them is the perfect accent to vibrant colors and a modern twist to the traditional designs. Incorporating the latest trend and love for geometrical shapes and lines we have, the ultra-soft ‘Lizban’ Rug with a premium look adorned by its subtle luster and the ‘Neyman’ Rug in wool with its soft and rich texture. A breathtaking style that revives the old charm of motifs in the most impressive manner can be seen in the ‘Dorsia’ rug as well as the ‘Towson’ rug style. A space furnished in a neutral tone can effortlessly incorporate one of the styles from the ‘Kardan’ rug or the ‘Ibiza’ rug to make the area look more vibrant while still retaining it’s all over sophistication and class. Along with the wide range and styles of rugs offered by The Rug Republic, it’s their service of providing ‘Rugs worldwide free shipping’ that makes these beauties not only affordable but also highly accessible from any part of the world. Luxury at one’s doorstep is surely a privilege all of us love, and it makes the search for the perfect accent a little more convenient for sure.

A Designer luxury rug is a result of the vision of a designer, the talent of an artist, the handwork of the craftsmen, and the effort of the weaver all sewn together to create a piece that will sweep you off your feet and make you fall in love with it at the very first glance. That is the impact and strength of design that these flooring options add to any space that makes you admire them for years and make each penny spent totally worth it.

Written By : Pihu Katyal

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The Rug Republic (TRR) is a global brand of handmade rugs offering over 700 trend — sellers, always available in stock.

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